Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So, I've gotten a little sick of me retard needles, so I've set down my Twinkle project for now. I think I want something a little less "brain candy" and a little more challenging. I also thought something quick and easy would be really nice. I went searching on craftster thinking I could find it, and I just might have. The lace up opera gloves look SO EASY! And something I would love to do:

But then, while I was exploring, I found some other fantastic patterns, which of course I'm going to have to get into tonight. The first one is the Maude Louise sweater pattern by Knitting Kninja:

Here is a pattern by Rowan that is called Floss. It's in the book Big Just Got Bigger by Kim Hargreaves. It's knit on Rowan Polar yarn and I think it's just FANTASTIC:

After that comes the cropped shrug/hoodie that I thought was just GREAT! It's a home-made pattern and it's SO well done! It's made out of some Japanese yarn and I just can't express how much I love this hoodie:

This Razor Cami is just great and looks like a nice way to start on lacing. The girl who posted the finished project used Knit Picks Shine Sport in Silver Sage, however the pattern says to use an acrylic yarn which I think would just be a terrible idea with a very bad outcome. That's probably the only thing that I'd want to change about this pattern:

Other than that, I think everyone should check out phildar.com! It's fantastic!!! They have the best patterns available that I've seen in a very long time.

Keep The Needles Moving,

Sunday, April 01, 2007

So Much Progress

Well, I've been so busy with all of this knitting that I've been forgetting to write in my blog. Here is just a quick little update on all of the progress that I've made.

I have been working on my groovy sweater (dress) that's from Twinkle's Big City Knits. I've gotten a decent way up it, and I've also gotten both of the sleeves done. I'm having quite a time trying to get the bobble done correctly, so I'm probably going to head to Georgetown tomorrow to get some help from Jess at StitchDC. Well, anyways -- here is the progress that I've made so far:

Looking at it on such a small scale makes it seem much better to me. I'm sure everyone knows what it feels like to look at your knitting and not like what you see because you are the only one who knows every little thing that went wrong. Then you hear everyone else saying how fantastic it is, well I can't tell you how FRUSTRATING that is! Not that I need to tell you guys, but my mom sure doesn't seem to get the point =)

So, I also wanted to show you guys what my Schaeffer bag is suppose to look like when there's a bottom in it:

I think that's all I wanted to show for tonight. It's late and I REALLY need sleep. I have to work every day this week except for Friday, the day that I'm getting all four wisdom teeth taken out! I know I'm going to be completely exhausted! Besides that, Stephen (on the left):

Well, Stephen is coming home for Easter weekend. I can't wait until he gets here! I've missed him SO much! Hopefully he doesn't make too much fun of me while I'm recovering from my surgery!

Well, that's all for tonight. Until next time guys!

Keep The Needles Moving,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Amazing New Discoveries

So, I have been trying VERY hard not to buy anything knitting related until I have made some serious dents in the things that I already have. However, when I was in StitchDC last week the owner, Marie, handed me this book (Twinkle's Big City Knits) and I fell in love with the pattern on the cover which is a sweater dress. The best part about it is that the whole thing is knit on 17 and 19 needles, which is just fantastic! I'll be able to get through it in no time at all and I'll have finally created an article of clothing that I can wear, besides my amazing fair isle tube top that I made last spring. Here is the yarn that I'm going to be using to make it:

It's twinkle handknits soft chunky in Clover. So, anyways -- back to what I was trying to say! I got a call today from StitchDC to let me know that they have the book in the store that's closer to my house and they also have the Crystal Palace needles in the right sizes and she'd hold them for me for tomorrow. And the best part about it is that my mom is going to be getting them for me!!! It's PERFECT! lol =)

I also wanted to stick up some pictures of my UFOs. The first one is a Louisa Harding pattern using her Shingle and Nautical Cotton yarns to make a great pouch bag with some fantastic wooden handles:

The next one is out of Knitty Gritty Knits -- patterns off of DIY Network's Knitty Gritty show. It's the Rockstar Bag. It's made out of Cascade 220 in green heather, bright pink and black. I just need to finish the duplicate stitch on the front, add some handles, felt it and do the finishing:

I also wanted to show you my most recent FO! Well, my part is finished. My mom still has to put the lining in for me. It's made from a Schaeffer pattern using their Laurel yarn (100% mercerized cotton). I think it looks FANTASTIC and I can't wait for my mom to put the lining and something stiff into the bottom so I can finally USE it:

Just in case you couldn't really see the stitch pattern too well, here's a close up:

I'd be happy to share the pattern for it, if anyone is interested. Just leave me a comment and I'll stick it in my next post.

Oh! I'm going to start my "Boobholder"/Minisweater that I wrote about in one of my earlier posts this evening. I have some great Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in a very pale pink to use for it. I'll probably start to cast on when I've finished the Louisa Harding bag that is just SO CLOSE to being done already.

I think that's all for me for right now. Hope everyone is doing well and working through their stashes, or buying new yarn -- because we all know how fantastic it is to be able to do that! Take care everyone =)

Keep The Needles Moving,

A Late Night Post

So, as I sit in my chair and watch 1:00a pass me right by, I can't think of why I'm NOT posting something right now. I am finally getting around to updating the iPod that my mother has been BEGGING me to do for ages because she "hates all of the music that came off of my computer." I'm sitting here working on a Louisa Harding purse from her Beachcomber Bay ~ Accessories Collection book, called Cameo. I really like the pattern -- it's nice and simple, but by adding another yarn, it really adds a lot to the purse. Not to mention the AMAZING embellishment that is on it as well. I am in the process of trying to find the cord to connect my camera to my computer and as soon as I find it I'll be happy to add some new pictures to the blog of my projects. Until then, everyone has to just use the power of their imagination -- which would have to be pretty amazing given the crappy descriptions I use on things.

Lately I've really taken to bags and accessories that use a lot of bead and shells and such to finish the bags and what not. It something that has really caught my eye and I just LOVE them! There was a pattern that I really fell for when I first came upon knitty.com that was just way to difficult to be my first DPN project, but now I'd just love to do it because I get to add some beading to the ends of it for a nice little something extra. I have already bought the yarn because I just LOVE to be able to add to my stash whenever I can. The pattern is called Mrs. Beeton:

I believe that I bought Rowan's kidsilk haze for the project. I know that I also need something else that would be the more substantial part of the wristwarmers, but I know it doesn't have the label on it anymore (since I made an Excel spreadsheet with my stash info on it -- will get to it soon) and I can't for the life of me remember what it was that I bought to go with it. Oh well, it's gorgeous and I can't wait to finally have my own pair of beaded wristwarmers! =)

Okay, so now about my Excel on my stash. I put down the brand and type of each yarn, the color, how many yards per skein and then how many skeins. I then had it calculate how many yards of each yarn I have based on that information. I also had it add up the total yardage of my stash, which I'm quite embaressed to admit is 27,710 yards, which is about 16 miles of yarn. I couldn't believe I had accumulated so much yarn in such a short period of time! I'd love to be able to show a picture of the spreadsheet, but apparently my computer doesn't want to upload another picture tonight. haha =)

Well, I just wanted to get those few things out in the open for everyone to hear about. Not that everyone needs to know, but I NEED to type. haha =)

Keep The Needles Moving,

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Too Much To Talk About

So, after becoming obessed with the podcast "Stash and Burn," I have been listening to every single one of their podcasts -- it's gotten so bad that I almost want to be able to listen to the podcasts more than once because I just may have missed something. They talked about this pattern by Stefanie Japel, so I had to go check it out:

Now, I have to say that I LOVE this pattern. It reminds me of the copy of the Anthropologie shrug that I believe was posted onto Crafty's website. It's not a shrug/caplelt sort of thing, but I do love them both. This is something that I may be more inclined to start to create. The pattern calls for 400 yards of worsted weight yarns -- which I'm SURE that I could manage to scrounge up in my stash. It also calls for some thinner yarn that would, obviously, have to correspond with the main color of the sweater, that I may have to go out and purchase for myself. Anyways, I just have to say, just one more time, how much I LOVE this sweater!!!

In another episode, they started to talk about something called "Lady Eleanor." After clicking on their link which sends you into a search on Flickr for "Lady Eleanor," I went around until I found this picture of the one that I loved the most:

I thought it was the prettiest set of colors out of all of the wonderful ones that came up. I had to do a little nosing around until I fould her blog, Hey Lucy. Her blog isn't just for knitting, but rather making things in general, which I think is a great take on the blogging idea. I am going to start searching for some patterns for Lady Eleanor. If anyone has any great patterns that they have found, please let me know! Book/website/anything -- you would become my hero of my knitting week.

Okay, the last thing that I had to bring up, that I've decided has made me a complete dork, is the knitter's geek code. I did create my own knitter's geek code, which comes up on the right side of my page under my picture. I know it's sad, but I saw it on so many people's blogs and I just had to join in on the craze =)

Other than that, you guys should all definately check out the blogs that I've linked to -- they're totally awesome and have a wide variety of blogs on it. So, make sure you check them all out!

Keep The Needles Moving,

Knitting Podcasts

I can't believe how MANY knitting podcasts you can find in iTunes. I have already subscribed to soooo many new ones and I'm downloading their old episodes. The one that I really highly recommend is called "Stash and Burn." It was highly rated, so I decided to give it a shot. It happens to be AMAZING. Well, other than that, I don't really have much to tell. I will be writing again very soon -- I promise!

Keep The Needles Moving,