Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Amazing New Discoveries

So, I have been trying VERY hard not to buy anything knitting related until I have made some serious dents in the things that I already have. However, when I was in StitchDC last week the owner, Marie, handed me this book (Twinkle's Big City Knits) and I fell in love with the pattern on the cover which is a sweater dress. The best part about it is that the whole thing is knit on 17 and 19 needles, which is just fantastic! I'll be able to get through it in no time at all and I'll have finally created an article of clothing that I can wear, besides my amazing fair isle tube top that I made last spring. Here is the yarn that I'm going to be using to make it:

It's twinkle handknits soft chunky in Clover. So, anyways -- back to what I was trying to say! I got a call today from StitchDC to let me know that they have the book in the store that's closer to my house and they also have the Crystal Palace needles in the right sizes and she'd hold them for me for tomorrow. And the best part about it is that my mom is going to be getting them for me!!! It's PERFECT! lol =)

I also wanted to stick up some pictures of my UFOs. The first one is a Louisa Harding pattern using her Shingle and Nautical Cotton yarns to make a great pouch bag with some fantastic wooden handles:

The next one is out of Knitty Gritty Knits -- patterns off of DIY Network's Knitty Gritty show. It's the Rockstar Bag. It's made out of Cascade 220 in green heather, bright pink and black. I just need to finish the duplicate stitch on the front, add some handles, felt it and do the finishing:

I also wanted to show you my most recent FO! Well, my part is finished. My mom still has to put the lining in for me. It's made from a Schaeffer pattern using their Laurel yarn (100% mercerized cotton). I think it looks FANTASTIC and I can't wait for my mom to put the lining and something stiff into the bottom so I can finally USE it:

Just in case you couldn't really see the stitch pattern too well, here's a close up:

I'd be happy to share the pattern for it, if anyone is interested. Just leave me a comment and I'll stick it in my next post.

Oh! I'm going to start my "Boobholder"/Minisweater that I wrote about in one of my earlier posts this evening. I have some great Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in a very pale pink to use for it. I'll probably start to cast on when I've finished the Louisa Harding bag that is just SO CLOSE to being done already.

I think that's all for me for right now. Hope everyone is doing well and working through their stashes, or buying new yarn -- because we all know how fantastic it is to be able to do that! Take care everyone =)

Keep The Needles Moving,


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet new people through the internet. Anyway, I'm stash busting too presently. I've decided that unless I start making more money, I won't be able to afford my habit, so I've decided I won't buy any yarn till the Michigan Fiber Festival in August. I'm still buying books though, because I simply can't do without any new knitting stuff for too long!


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