Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Late Night Post

So, as I sit in my chair and watch 1:00a pass me right by, I can't think of why I'm NOT posting something right now. I am finally getting around to updating the iPod that my mother has been BEGGING me to do for ages because she "hates all of the music that came off of my computer." I'm sitting here working on a Louisa Harding purse from her Beachcomber Bay ~ Accessories Collection book, called Cameo. I really like the pattern -- it's nice and simple, but by adding another yarn, it really adds a lot to the purse. Not to mention the AMAZING embellishment that is on it as well. I am in the process of trying to find the cord to connect my camera to my computer and as soon as I find it I'll be happy to add some new pictures to the blog of my projects. Until then, everyone has to just use the power of their imagination -- which would have to be pretty amazing given the crappy descriptions I use on things.

Lately I've really taken to bags and accessories that use a lot of bead and shells and such to finish the bags and what not. It something that has really caught my eye and I just LOVE them! There was a pattern that I really fell for when I first came upon that was just way to difficult to be my first DPN project, but now I'd just love to do it because I get to add some beading to the ends of it for a nice little something extra. I have already bought the yarn because I just LOVE to be able to add to my stash whenever I can. The pattern is called Mrs. Beeton:

I believe that I bought Rowan's kidsilk haze for the project. I know that I also need something else that would be the more substantial part of the wristwarmers, but I know it doesn't have the label on it anymore (since I made an Excel spreadsheet with my stash info on it -- will get to it soon) and I can't for the life of me remember what it was that I bought to go with it. Oh well, it's gorgeous and I can't wait to finally have my own pair of beaded wristwarmers! =)

Okay, so now about my Excel on my stash. I put down the brand and type of each yarn, the color, how many yards per skein and then how many skeins. I then had it calculate how many yards of each yarn I have based on that information. I also had it add up the total yardage of my stash, which I'm quite embaressed to admit is 27,710 yards, which is about 16 miles of yarn. I couldn't believe I had accumulated so much yarn in such a short period of time! I'd love to be able to show a picture of the spreadsheet, but apparently my computer doesn't want to upload another picture tonight. haha =)

Well, I just wanted to get those few things out in the open for everyone to hear about. Not that everyone needs to know, but I NEED to type. haha =)

Keep The Needles Moving,


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